Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Continued Funding for Workplace Learning

The STUC welcomes an announcement from the Scottish Government that it has granted funding of £1.422m to the STUC for union-led learning initiatives until March 2013. The STUC will take forward this work through Scottish Union Learning.
This funding complements a two-year award of £895k from the European Social Fund until March 2013 for Lowlands and Uplands Scotland, and a three-year award of £415k until March 2014 for the Highlands and Islands.
Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary, said,
“Through Scottish Union Learning, the STUC puts learners at the centre by delivering learning in the workplace, with highly successful results. The Scottish Government’s continued support for union-led learning demonstrates the value trade unions add to workplaces in Scotland.
“Unions are taking a proactive approach to help at-risk workers, particularly low-paid and non-traditional learners, to take action to protect themselves by increasing their skills.
“The STUC welcomes this funding and we look forward with immense confidence to the continued success of union learning in Scotland.”

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