Monday, 14 October 2013 is provided by Tinder Foundation to give new internet users and tutors in computer centres a range of easy courses and useful resources.

Online Basics

Welcome to Online Basics! This short package of courses will help you get to grips with using computers and the internet. It covers:
  • How to use a keyboard and mouse
  • How to search and explore the internet
  • How to keep in touch with email
  • How to stay safe online
  • The basics of using online public services

Online Plus

Welcome to Online Plus! This package of courses has been designed to ensure you’re confident with everything you might need to do on the internet. The Online Plus package of courses covers:
  • How to complete online forms
  • How to find and apply for jobs online
  • Shopping online
  • Using Facebook and socialising online
  • Understanding public services online
  • Making the most of your money, and budgeting
  • Online banking
  • Staying safe online

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